Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Online Shopping Addiction: Birthday Edition

Well, its getting close to that time time of year again, MY BIRTHDAY! Even though its more then a month away, I've started ordering things now so it will get here in time since I am currently living in the middle of nowhere. I'm really excited about this years haul and I wanted to share. So, here we go!

First I'll start with my Red Canvas Classic Toms which can be found HERE

The next few things I bought from Top Shop

Festival Brow Sunglasses which you can find HERE
I recently bought some really great prescription sunglasses, but I wanted some nice ones that are not prescription. Hoping these work well.

Mary ID Satchel which can be found HERE
I really like the size because I can fit a notebook or even a textbook in there for school. Sadly slightly to small for a Macbook.

Cap Sleeve Flippy Tunic can be found HERE
I loved the shape of this immediately. I find these kinds of dresses are very flattering to all figures. I didn't get much colour in this splurge, but I didn't really find many nice patterns, and I really needed a LBD.

Bardot Tunic can be found HERE
Again, really enjoy the shape, and I love the colour.

Moto Vintage Fitted Western can be found HERE
I'm learning from my mistakes this time, it always seems like Jean Jackets come back into style every few years, which I think is good because they really are super cute. Finally found one that I really like. I'm normally not a fan of light denim but I really like it in a jacket.

Hope you enjoyed my splurge as much as I did. Cannot wait until July 22nd so I can open my package and put on some new clothes!!

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